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Music Therapy Advocacy in NC

By Jessie Lang

About Me

I am a senior in high school, and this blog is a part of my senior capstone project. For my senior project, I am observing music therapy, and advocating for state licensure for music therapists in NC. As a culmination of my product, I will be writing about my observation experiences and educating the public about advocacy for state licensure of music therapy in NC.

Furthermore, I am a folk musician and singer-songwriter. I plan to go to college to study either commercial music/songwriting or music therapy. You can find more information about my music and tour schedule at:

Blog Posts

Recent Blog Posts

Observing Music Therapy in the Chapel Hill School System

Recently, I had the pleasure of observing music therapy in the Chapel Hill school system. Although I have observed music therapists working with many different populations, (including retirement home residents, Alzheimer’s patients, Parkinson’s patients, and pre-school students with developmental disabilities), I was so excited to experience music therapy in a school system. I observed music…

Observing the Music Therapy Clinic & Classes at Queens University of Charlotte

As well as observing and assisting music therapists in my local community, for my product I visited Queens University of Charlotte to learn more about their music therapy program (accredited by the AMTA) and their unique on-site clinic. Many music therapy programs limit students to working with patients starting in their junior year. At Queens,…

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